Required Articles for Adsense approval


Mostly people ask this question that how many articles do I need to get an approval website for Google AdSense. 

Actually there is no such number but in my experience at least you should have articles between 30 to 60 and the best thing about this article should be dead they are very unique there are niche and they are reckon by you and you are the only website owner who owns it it’s not existing on the Internet at all.

It must have a nice heading which is very important usually Sam as you think the people missiles this kind of a sentence or a phrase. 

And every article should have sufficient content in it means keep the article a bit longer that if somebody is reading at least let them take a minute minimum on more so you could be like from 500 words all the way to thousands of words.

The density of the content is good for your SEO or purpose too. It will make your website rich in content and the website could be listed where quickly in the top process of every search engine. 

And in the real you must write something that people would really love to read it and enjoyed and they should get any information because real article I really more than 400 to 500 words. 

And let the user understand the whole topic that what you really want them to know and share your knowledge.

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