How to research any topic


What is the point was learning how to research because in the way of the business there’s a lot of research and I couldn’t use white because the better you are a baby in formation to make a sound decision minimizes risk increases return which is exactly what you wanted to build my folder because it if you want respect to be a big fat so it’s amazing how many explain to her why research I’ve been researching for really long time and you don’t even get better at this game. 

But it’s really very important that we go through with her reason why people typically would you refer to one of the would-be for pure fun and entertainment. 

Suppose you are at a restauranat night in Miami it’s 1030 at night all of a sudden conversation comes about the greatest basketball player but I’ll type it was gonna make money off is that for entertaining that’s for cock sucking research we do it. Education I want to know more because I want to be educated for me if it’s not let me express my point why I believe Tameem is a great if not don’t want that or whatever. 

Reason why you and I will research if we want to make a better decision America bit of whatever it is fine if we want to make better decisions to know which one will research it without having said that we get to Hawaii a process up on my own no way to research at the number one choose the topic was the topic.

I’ll buy real estate or rent it all out you know politics or whatever with me when we wanted to move to Texas the fuck up if we want to move to Texas what do you want to go to Texas it up that’s the topics that number two what are you sewing for what are you subbing for.

 I’m going to do when I’m invited let’s just say you are thinking about Real Estate and what are you sorry for I will forward to Ulfat and copy you when I want to link up to one of my properties get a lot of income for 20 to hear from such as you want I’ll be here all properties if you want to buy and sell and make sure her money. 

Is it equity is a partnership is if you’re going to be for us with the lot if you want to figure out if we could all be business with them locked. 

So and then we calculation stuff are you subbing if you want to marry this girl you’re sober because I want to be the score you something we could what do you want to do it for you even know what you’re sorry for number three number three is go get out much better and stats as you can possibly yet I had a guy to be the point of getting married I said why are you frayed of getting married to their body get to the boys around me go get the data what causes it why why does this happen from that up last night open about the Great Wall prime so is the number one what are we are what’s the topic and leave me with my about five number to where we saw before what player at the longevity that performed one championships etc. 

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