Content does matter for AdSense revenue


I heard from a lot of people that creating content or writing your own content from scratch is really hard I cannot do it but I really want a lot of money from Google AdSense program.

Please don’t get me wrong but guys content is your product which actually you’re giving on rent to Google AdSense for the advertising purpose. 

To start any business you must have a product or you should provide service.

So in this case content is your product and your service. I want you guys to spend time or money or time and money port on creating content.

If you have a very interesting content and it is created by you and it’s not existing in the Internet world at all and it’s very unique and knees to a specification industry or topic. Then you rock ‘n’ roll. Because your disc content will bring organic traffic to our website through all social media and search engines because they are searching for something like this but it’s not available anywhere else except your website. 

Just imagine whoever is searching for that relevant content that all are coming to our website and if someone is advertising in that website and using an affiliate links and add in that website they going to really make a real money. 

The concept of being unique be different and be original is actually an easy idea and at three steps for making a lot of money from online website through AdSense program and other advertising network including affiliate marketing. 

I’m proud that my website content is very unique and every of my article is created and written by me

That’s why I don’t need to do any hard work for the SEO and I don’t want to spend any money for driving traffic it’s already happening it’s self. 

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