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Hello I have the secret recipe of how to get an absence account within 24 hours to three days approved yes you read it correct within 24 hours to three days approved account from AdSense you will get a congratulation email from AdSense that your Account is approved. I was not expecting it could happen to me but trust me guys it took me up to four months to understand why my account got rejected more than 16 times by Google AdSense and it was not getting approved at all and then I forget everything I love everything there and I start searching and I did my research why does the account is not getting approved after all I came turn off for one reason every time I submit my website google send me an email that do not please it’s on auto generated websites and your navigation should be clear to the user.
After my whole research and hard work I came to know for one reason Google AdSense was not approving my account and that answer was already been given by Google AdSense and even before AdSense 

Bill Gate said content is king. 

Yes guys you read it correct content is really king. So I decided not to use any person to make me a content and right for me because no one was in the real writing for me the content they were plagiarizing and copying from different websites. 

So I focus on one work did unique be different and be your own self.

One of my friends told me it’s so hard to write and Ivan don’t know what to write so he’s so confused and what he should write I told him you said you play a lot of games and you have a very good knowledge about games and you talk with your friends always about the games why don’t you write about the same thing what you talk with your friends and pupil and your colleagues so right the same thing about the games and then he got all my God that’s one of the best way I can write like a 40 articles about it I said you see now how easy it is because you have the knowledge you have the passion and you know what you can do so make like 56 headings as a top menu headings and then when some people will click on that and heading they can see the categories so he went and he quickly did he took him just for the five days to make about 40 unique articles and before this idea he was not able to write even one article. 
I told him don’t worry about the grandma and the computer can always help you for the spelling mistakes.  Select the computer side of your spelling grammar and sentence problems and to be honest for me I won’t even care I have a grammar mistake at all only care spelling mistake because I really want to make my whole content very unique and even somebody want to steal a copy they will shy because there is the same town are the same way the words or the language is so it’s completely my own words and my own self so I own it that’s how I talk actually.

And that’s the key point that I’m getting my account quickly within 24 hours approved because my whole website contains all the articles my own words it’s hundred % unique and nobody know about it and Google fetch my website when it sees the whole articles are so unique just make me in the ass you’re number one and I’m on the top because every word every sentence is different it’s not existing in the Internet world and I get approved within 24 hours with my AdSense account that’s the trick yes guys make it unique. I emphasize on unique content because if google means real business in real money I mean it too so I will work hard to get everything professionally and I want to own money online that’s why I decided to write unique articles and share my knowledge with you guys I want everyone to work hard and get money let not those who plagiarized and copy on a single penny yes this is a war against the plagiarism.

If you guys have a problem how to write article or you don’t have time or you don’t have idea I can always help you I mean you can email me you can contact me go to my contact page send me an email and contact me I’ll charge you almost very little money that you can earn that money within a month from Google AdSense account and get a website done because I told you my Warriors against plagiarism and I will help you to write unique article in the white yourself or ask me to write for you because our enemies the same the plagiarize people and we will write every article so unique that the way you talk or I talk.

So that’s why if you’re reading this article you cannot is that how I write it’s completely insane it’s very unique it’s different if it’s the way how I talk and I want you guys to be your own self and My website is unique different so automatically SEO is done and AdSense account will be approved your website. You don’t need even to hire an SEO guy. your personal website is already on the top because you are the unique you are different. 

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