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Some people may have gotten an email from AdSense that do not put ads on automatic generated content and make your website easy to use navigation or a clear navigation.

If you have got the same email then we are on the same page I’m sorry I was on this page once but then I find out almost after four months that why the hell my website is not getting approved so how does the answer you have to keep in mind the first and the very very important point that your website should have a very unique and different articles and content and do not plagiarize including images audio video.
I apologize for my grammar or spelling mistakes but actually I wanted to tell you guys as an example of my own article that I wrote it like a crazy guy just because I want to be unique and different and I know I really human is coming to read this article so it’s he or she will understand what I mean that’s why my whole objective is that you guys should understand I don’t want to put it in a machine and it’s not going to very happy person that he’s going to check oh how the hell did I write I don’t care so the important thing is that you guys should understand that it should be a unique and very different article and if it’s your website you should be proud of it and when you will be proud when it is really 100% you’re on and you never prejudiced that’s what I did and I’m against players them if you don’t know how to write article shoot me an email send me a message from Contacts page I can help you guys. 
I’ll charge a very little money and you can even negotiate with me and trust me you will get back that money video number month from AdSense it’s self I promise you. So now we come back to the main question that easy to use navigation and or clear navigation bar correct I prefer myself to use a WordPress which makes very easy for me to make the navigation menu and everything you can use any platform so make a nice alignment and make the readability the text should be easy to read in Mobile in iPad or in computer or in any gadget. 

And check the functionality do your drop-down list work correctly is it fine there is no technical error is going over there or something if not I prefer to use a ready-made nice team that everything is already working properly you just add your content and get up and make it simple let the user enjoy the content let them read and then when they see the ad if they are interested let them click on it I don’t want you to click on every ad and why the hell you should wear someone’s money I don’t like this I’m not a thief I don’t want to steal money I want to earn money that’s why I want you guys to earn money be the real hero. 

Make every content very interesting and how do you know if the content is interesting to the user or not it’s very simple check the trend what the people are looking for now it is right about it right what it what are you know about it or what it what are you heard about let the people read it and understand let them get that information we have to share our knowledge and if you’re good in talking yeah you are on a lot of money bro just right like me I don’t care how did I write I just want to write something very nice that the user should understand and they get that information and use it for their purpose so I don’t care of the sentence is how did I write but important thing is I want to share my knowledge with you guys. 

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