How can you make more money from one website


How can I make more money on one website but using different advertising network and affiliate links. 

Well the answer is already in this question itself. But the procedure is to make a very nice clean website for desktop and mobile friendly including all gadgets. I would recommend to make a CMS website. And connect all social media accounts. Such as Facebook Instagram and YouTube.

And now create a rich content and right unique articles by targeting all doors network users who you might be thinking to search before taking a buying or purchasing decision.

In that article you can use associate links connected to different associate marketing or affiliate marketing websites and place banner ads in that page so you get paid by impressions, Clicks, affiliate marketing. 

But never ever ask someone or user or trick them to click on your ads remember especially if you are using AdSense for monetizing your website.

Google AdSense is a very smart system and they can very easily detect fraud Clicks  including invalid traffic.

But if you have a very unique and rich content which is not available in the Internet world then you will get a lot of organic traffic to our website and you will be in the top of the search results and you will make good money. 

You can monetize your website with AdSense account as well as other advertising network but before you do this please read Google AdSense policy and then place ads accordingly.

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