About Us

Welcome to BonFood

Established in the year 1998 in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E, The Aliya Group began its operation with an interest in Food and Beverage industry. Under the leadership of Mr. A.V. Sidheek, The Group started setting up
number of units for industrial catering in Dubai and Ajman. Their vision rested on the idea of offering the best of international cuisine to the U.A.E market, at the most affordable rates. This led to the opening of
the multi cuisine BONFOOD with a tagline of “taste the world”; an A-Grade Food Court in Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre, Abu-Dhabi.
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Our Aim

BONFOOD aims to provide the Finest Dining Experience through a team of friendly service professionals. We exist to serve new guests as well as maintain our growing guest-list through great service and value-added offerings. We support our vision with a professional operational system, trained staff and we possess a passion for what we do every day.
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BONFOOD is shaping an impressive record, based on well-organized strategy and resolute challenges. At BONFOOD we believe that performance excellence means doing RIGHT THINGS RIGHT – first time, every time. We utilize consistent processes to ensure our menu meets the needs of our customers and of our company. We grow sales and profits by focusing on the needs of the customer, our team members, our community, and our owners.
We follow our vision with a positive attitude, respect for all, honesty, and accountability. Every customer leaves with a smile, share their experiences with others and visit us back often.
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BONFOOD is established based on the idea of making the culinary world a smaller place, by bringing it all under one roof. This is where BONFOOD has chosen to be different in the field. Since “quality wins quantity” is the preamble for our organization, we have a ready back up kitchen, right behind our service counters. Here fresh raw materials are received, cleaned and checked for quality for each individual order. This ensures that fresh food is prepared according to the customer’s need. It is like having a buffet, A-la-carte style, and served to the guest within minutes of placing the order.
The fine array of dishes will give you the feeling that eating is an art, rather than a necessity. BONFOOD is an ideal place for families, social gatherings, business meetings, children’s parties and any other mood that defines “BON APPETIT”.
We provide extensive choices combining chef inspired bold and unique flavours. Our high quality and authentic ingredients result in a delicious culinary experience that keeps our guests coming back!
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Equipped with a kitchen spanning 4000 sq. feet, BONFOOD is the 1st Food Court in the U.A.E to meet with the standards required to achieve A-level grading. Hailing from different parts of the world, the BONFOOD kitchen staff is well trained and experienced in all aspects, from purchase of raw material to storage, production and presentation; at the same time placing due importance to hygiene, nutrition and freshness.
From a background of integrity, innovation and professional management, based on “Nine” simple principles, we are able to provide a range of service, individually structured to meet the demands and aspirations of a demanding workforce and cost conscious client.
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