Building a Lean Funnel from Scratch


Building a Lean Funnel from Scratch

Start by thinking about the big picture. How do people get from point A (total strangers) to point B (identified leads) to point C (customers)? An easy way to start is by identifying the top and the bottom steps first and then filling in the middle steps:

The top step is the traffic source. How will people enter the funnel? The bottom step is the goal. What do you want them to do? The middle steps are all the things that need to happen to get to the goal. There may be only one or two middle steps, or there may be many. It all depends on your business.

However, try to keep the progression logical and simple. Don’t add extra steps you don’t need unless it’s strategic. Two of the most common funnels are ones that convert a person from visitor to lead (a lead funnel) and lead to customer (a sales funnel). You may need one or the other, or you may need both.

It all depends on your business. Here’s an example. Let’s say you sell high-end, expensive kitchenware. Here’s what the lead and sales funnels might look like. Lead funnel: Converting visitor to lead Traffic source: PPC advertising Goal: Sign up for free report Steps to the goal:

1. Search online for “kitchenware.”

2. Click on PPC ad and go to landing page.

3. Fill out a web form for free report.

Sales funnel: Converting lead to customer Traffic:

List of people who signed up for free report Goal: Make a sale Steps to the goal:

1. Receive report and read it.

2. Open e-mails about the product or relevant topics.

3. Click to view a certain product. (This click might come from a link inside the online report itself or a follow-up e-mail sent later.)

4. View product page.

5. Click Add to Cart.

6. Click Checkout.

7. Fill in billing and shipping details.

8. Click to submit order. Some of the preceding steps in the sales funnel might get skipped, but the funnel is still valid. For example, visitors may skip step two and just buy.

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