Why you should not plagiarize content


Why you should not plagiarize content the millions of reasons that you should not plagiarize content but one of the best reason is that you don’t need to do SEO. If you have a unique different and I’m very interesting content and it’s written by you you’re sad and no one owns it then yes it’s the only place that the people are searching in search engines and David come to our website and they will read all your content and Dave will click on the ad there will be a high CTR rate for your website. 

Because mostly the websites are doing remarketing and this visit good will see those areas which he was actually looking for or the content is bringing really went else and Dayville click or they might go to that website back to remind them what they were looking for so you would on more money and you don’t need to spend money on STO and you will be the master of that content you own it you would be proud of it because you are not stealing someone’s hard work so for me it’s very important I don’t want to bag of money I don’t want to steal money I want to earn money with my skills if you don’t know how to write the content I can help you shoot me an email or message me in my website through contact page I can do for you and you pay me a very little we can negotiate but I prefer you write yourself. 
Or ask someone who you trust let them write for you not waste your time and then you find out that the content is plagiarized so I want you to have a very unique and different content and you earn money and you enjoy your whole website and once you go through the whole process how to write the content how to make a website unique you would enjoy it and you will keep in doing it and you’ll become a very very content writer and you will have a good website duty and a lot of money to add sense because Google is really looking for a unique content and the people are not writing anymore that just stealing from each other or data using some tools spin article or spin I don’t know the words or sentences it doesn’t work anymore we need some new content we need new ideas we need more people to work on and come up with new ideas please do not use that at all. 

You don’t need to be a very professional content writer you’re not writing a book that will go to schools and universities just ride the information that you have a bout eight or you are passionate about talk to the people you might have a knowledge about games and films movies or whatever just talk to the people and write the same thing what ever you are writing about people really appreciate it’s like you’re talking with your friends computer will take it of grammar and spelling mistake you just focus on the writing use your right side of the brain. 

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