How to do digital marketing?


Some people call it online marketing and some people call it did you tell marketing. You can call it whatever you want to call it, but the goal is to do marketing for your brand business or any purpose that you want to people to know about it.

Marketing is the most important part for every business, actually I call marketing

The oxygen of the business.

So now is you know that marketing is very important and you must do it, before you start marketing your business you must create a marketing strategy and you should have a marketing plan, some small businesses or intrapreneurs our new startups never have and marketing plan or a marketing strategy, they try to use marketing tactics and marketing tricks to get some business and drive sales.

I always suggest to make a business plan, a marketing plan and advertising plan. To implement a marketing plan, you must get a result and the return on your investment which is usually referred to as ROI.

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