How to make AdSense account approved?


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How to make a AdSense account and earn money online. 
The way it looks so simple and easy and really it’s very hard and it’s very complicated but if you follow the steps you will never regret and you really generate money and you will earn online but you must follow the rules if you wanted any of the role you may never be able to get your money and you will waste your time. 
Content is king
Remember if you would like to apply for AdSense account and you want to really earn money the first rule is contact you must have your own content and it shouldn’t be plagiarize. 
Since I created my AdSense account and I started trying to make my own content you can take my content and put in any online tools you can check none of my text or Content is matching. It’s 100% percent written by me and that’s how I can do SEO easily. In real if you’re SEO master and you know how to write content or you can even outsource so AdSense is the best platform to generate revenue. 
If you would like to know how to start with so let me take you step-by-step. 
1. register your domain name

2. Create your WordPress website

Write 50 articles

3. Get free stock images for these articles matching with your content. 

4. Choose a very beautiful and nice team or buy it online matching video content or website. 

5. Keep navigation very simple and easy, let the user easily find and add search box in every page. 

6. Connect your social media pages or create at least three social media pages Facebook Instagram YouTube

7. Activate the option of share via social media

8. Install any best SEO plug-in

9. Create a proper headings and description and title for every page.

10. Connect with your audience online while social media platform and let the user know about your website. 

If you’re interested to buy a ready-made website for AdSense you can contact us. 
we have a website market place, where you can buy any of the website according to your needs and then you can just quick start your online business. 

How to activate your adsense. 

Welcome to AdSense. 
We will show you how to activate your AdSense account.

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