Why my website rejected by AdSense?


Keep your website family friendly and do not wilate the policy of Google number one number to the navigation and the website technical he should be made as part of the Google absence policy especially the navigation and the user-friendly experience.

Google AdSense filters actually are very smart and intelligent filters at Sam’s have a very smart system which can recognize every word sentence of the paragraph and the whole technical website platform and the team and everything in and out including Hosting. 

If you think all these are good and fit but still your website is rejected then make sure actually your website is very unique and content nothing is plagiarize and you’re never violated your policy and your website is eligible for Google AdSense because you have a pretty good content. 

Many people is this? Why my website got rejected if your content is unique your website platform is correct and your menus correct steal it got rejected well maybe you have a cookies which tells to AdSense system that you had an account prior to this account and it’s conflicting. Delete all the cookies and make a new email just in case if these two emails were connected to each other or do not use a very complicated themes and website. 

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