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About your business

  • About your business

    Briefly describe your business concept to someone who has no knowledge about your business

    Describe what product and service do you provide.

    Preferable languages for Advertising Slogan suggestion.

    (For Example: English , French, Spanish, Arabic)

    Target Market

    Please select the gender

    Please select the age range

    Please describe the target countries and regions

    Advertising communication word suggestions

    Please write 10 words that you want to communicate with your clients or customer about your business or product or service

    If your company was a person, how would you describe its personality

    In 10 to 20 words describe the features and attributes of your products or services ?

    Competitors and business activities

    Provide the slogans of your primary competitors:

    How is your business different from your competitors?

    (Feel free to provide addresses to their websites)

    Are there slogan ideas that you’ve already considered and dismissed ? if so, why?

    What slogans have you seen that you like or catch your eye?

    (These selections do not have to be related to your business)

    Are there any words or phrases that MUST BE included in your slogan?

    Are there any words or phrases that you MIGHT LIKE included in your slogan?

    Are there any words or phrases that you DO NOT want to see included in your slogan?

    Brand Personality

    Is there a geographic location (street, city, state, country or region) that would like us to consider incorporating in the slogan?

    (examples: Dubai, Northeast, Newyork, Canada, Outback, Pacific, West End, Elm Street, Southeast Asia, Midtown, Central London)

    Do you recommend any limited number of character for the slogan

    Personality and character attributes. Following are slogan personality attributes presented on a spectrum. for each attribute please drag the Percentage button that best capture the personality of your company or product/services

    A. Clever

    A. Clever - Straighforward

    B. Modest

    B. Modest - Flashy

    C. Classic

    C. Classic - Edgy

    D. Economy

    D. Economy - Luxury

    E. Feminine

    E. Feminine - Musculine

    F. Global

    F. Global - Local

    G. Formal

    G. Formal - Casual

    H. Simple

    H. Simple - Complex

    I. Whimsical

    I. Whimsical - Serious

    J. Modern

    J. Modern - Traditional

    K. Extravagant

    K. Extravagant - Necessity

    L. Emotional

    L. Emotional - Logical

    M. Urban

    M. Urban - Country

    N. Innovative

    N. Innovative - Conventional

    O. Personal

    O. Personal - Automated

    P. Broad Appeal

    P. Broad Appeal - Targeted Appeal

    Targeted Appeal

    On a scale from 1 (low) to 10 (high), please let us know what types of names you would like us to develop :

    A. Evocative

    Evocative names elicit or draw froth a positive association . Evocative names are short and meaningful and call up a good feeling.

    Example: Boldion , Intellia, Smartetics, Qualcom, Du


    A. Evocative


    B. Descriptive / Connotative

    Descriptive / Connotative names express the key feature or attributes of your company , products or services.

    Example: Bestsolar, DrugValues, QualityCarpets, Medsource


    B. Descriptive / Connotative


    Additional Information: Let us know if there is anything else you would like us to know before we begin your project.

    Delivery option

    How quickly do you need your Slogan?

    Number of Options

    Select number of options for your order


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