What we do

We are Security Solution Provider for VVIP Locations and sensitive areas of interest that include building and securing living conditions in Remote Areas; Securing Borders, Critical Physical Infrastructure, Marine and Ports of entry, military sites and Airports. We protect and Secure Industrial sites, Commercial sites, Residential Premises and Roads.

We offer turnkey customized solutions; manage the design, manufacturing and construction of secured Fence and detection security systems.

We offer and manage turnkey solutions from concept to completion; the design, development and building of secured redeployable, comprehensive and integrated remote camps.

We offer customized energy saving solutions including LED Lighting, Solar Lighting and Solar Micro-Stations.
SBDI’s execution of the business cycle is based on solid disciplined principles of time management, price optimization, minimum wastage of material and resources, delivering to clients the latest systems and solutions exactly as per design and requirements.