How to create AdSense account


How should I create content. Well so you decided to start a content marketing niche website to get paid by Google AdSense sounds good. I have a lot of ideas for you how to start and get approved your Google AdSense account as well as how you can on daily a good amount of money but it depends on your content. 
I’ll go step-by-step and if you have already done it. You can skip the step and you can go to the next step. 
1. Register a domain name

2. Get a shared web hosting

3. The easiest way to install a word press. 

4. Buy a very nice theme which is matching with your website. 

5. Create approximately 30 to 40 different unique articles. 

6. Find out free stock images

7. Upload all your articles including a very creative and very attractive images. 

8. Create a Gmail account

9. Log on to

10. Sign in with your Gmail account. 

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