Eligibility for AdSense account


Make sure your side pages are ready for a AdSense. No the biggest question comes here.

How can I make sure that my website is eligible for AdSense program

It’s very simple guys as a AdSense is already telling to everybody be unique be different and let Accountant be relevant to your visitors and provide a very great user experience. I always prefer to use the word press website which is very easy and you can install our place we can always change the team and you can put a top navigation side navigation and it’s pretty easy even to edit your Pages eight more post some I’m phone off WordPress are you can make any kind of a website from HTML word press Joomla! or whatever you feel good weight or you have experience in it. 

And the second question is that what’s special about your website or pages that’s actually going to bring that users to the website and you will get an automatic top on the search engine results. So that’s why I always prefer to choose a niche about your website and then write or type articles your self did not ask someone else until you don’t trust them that yes his article or hierarchical‘s are very unique and they never plagiarize so that’s why I always preferred to write my own self or at least ask the person who I trust that it’s not plagiarized articles or he did install from a book or somewhere so I’ll be the sole owner and it will make my website special and unique so if I have a unique pages and a special website about a very niche it’s going to make my website good and great in the visitor will be keeping coming and the website will it be in the top result of the search engines because my contact is so unique and it’s a NewsWrap side that is actually a tracking a relevant users and the best thing about the relevant users that you would have a lot of clicks on your website there the CTR would be very high because the relevant content and the same users are coming what they’re looking for and then there is an advertisement which is very relevant to the user who came to our website and who is browsing it so they will click on that ad because there could be a remarketing add and he will click and he will go back and do the porches that’s how even you can earn money with Amazon associate that if you shows that adds and then the same person see again air in your website and he’s even the AdSense add so you going to get paid either way either through Amazon for your associate or from AdSense.

How to check your content is unique and different and it’s not that your eyes it’s very easy Dara a lot of tools online that you can copy paste the article and check how unique is that good tell you hundred percent 90% 50% 60%. 

If you want to check my article copied this article and paste in any available online tool for plagiarism and check that how much unique is this article I hope somebody didn’t steal my article so you should see hundred percent unique article.

So who is eligible for to participate in the AdSense program of course it’s very easy and everyone is eligible but as long as you have a website hosted by your own or do you have a blog or you have a YouTube channel and then you have a very unique relevant and a very special pages or a website so get your AdSense account approved or a night and also that you will see that even you are in the top of the search results because your website is such unique and it’s very special that’s why there is no results in competition of your content and you will be the number one and you don’t need to do even the search engine optimization. 

Guys I apologize if I have any spelling mistake or there is any grammar mistakes but trust me I know you are getting what I mean you will get your account approved and you are eligible if you have 100% unique content and it’s very special and it’s very good and people are already searching for it so get ready for it and start making money, I am already enjoying with AdSense money. 

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