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I would like to suggest you if there is no any very very famous website for sale that you already know and your trust that website never buy a stupid niche website from Haroon that the reason because you don’t know how old these traffic was driven to this website even though you can check in the analytics you can see the keyword and Essa Jan all these details but trust me I cannot talk about dad tricks here because this article is not about how to drive traffic but I know and I did it I can drive Traffic thousands and millions of traffic to a website with a specific need you a website and a pages in his from social media and different keywords different timing and countries and cities it’s very much possible. 
But in the end what will happen google Collett invalid traffic. The inquiry traffic websites are really useless for AdSense account or AAT since business is actually a negative it could reject your website it could disapprove your account and you lose all the money so that’s why I prefer just install a word press theme in any of your domain and make your own article right up your self or ask someone even you can ask me I provide this service you could just send me a message in a contact page I replied to your message I want everyone to have their own website get there on money and get a nice web traffic and they don’t want to spend money on the website I suggest you just never spend money on the website especially for the search engine optimization. 

If you have a unique in a very different content why should I do search engine optimize Asian because the content is already unique and Google going to put me on the top so the only thing I’m gonna do I’ll index my Pages through Google Webmaster tools and which is enough and Google gonna crawl and it will put me on the first result in the top Google search Injun result I don’t need expert I just want a very unique content so don’t waste your money on tricks. I suggest you to spend your money on the real product. Your real product hair is the content spend money on content ask for 4050 or 30 unique different articles and uploading your website and you’re good to go forever and sit back and relax start earning money don’t pay money to anyone to drive traffic to your website do not pay money to SEO expert.

You got your unique website with a very unique and interesting content google is more interested google will put you in a second on the top of the SEO result. 

Let the organic traffic come to our website those who are really looking for these information and then Dave will click on the ad if they’re really interested otherwise we don’t want to bag money or we do not want to steal money we mean real business. 

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