Why AdSense disapprove my account?


I have seen a lot of people asking these questions on different forums that why AdSense disapprove my AdSense account?

There could be one reason or multiple reasons for the disapproval of your AdSense account.

Some of the reasons are the following that which really matters for a AdSense and it’s monetizing policy. 

  1. Do not violate any of the policy of AdSense monetizing program.
  2. Do not drive invalid Traffic such as automatic Traffic generated applications, Traffic exchange, or other robots and computer generated Traffic.
  3. You’re a website should be mobile friendly as well as desktop friendly and the navigation menu is very important and it’s drop-down menu and top 11 menu should be very clear. 
  4. Your website speech should be good fast or we’re good don’t make it very slow and I recommend to design and your website in CMS format. 
  5. Your website should not have any errors technically or it shouldn’t look mess up visually.
  6. The most important part is that you must have a very unique and interesting articles which are not why letting Google AdSense policy such as adult or hateful speech, or other for bidden articles. 
  7. Please read carefully AdSensepolicies and do not click on any of your ad by yourself at all, and never ever motivate someone else to click on your ad. 
  8. Do not place is on plagiarize content or automatic generated content websites. 

If your website have a very unique and niche content and it’s not plagiarized. Then your account should get approved within 24 hours. But before a plying for AdSense account are resubmitting your AdSense account please check these points and make sure you are not why violating any of the policy. 

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