How to choose niche website for AdSense program


Hi there this is Haroon Popal I have a great experience and I know how to choose a niche website for your absence program it’s pretty easy but you have to go through a process.

The best way is to do that you must already know that what is trending or what the people are looking for nowadays that’s the best way to write articles about that topic. 

The other way is to write articles about all those things which you are passionate about you always want to talk about and you have a very good knowledge and you can write as much as you can because you have a very good knowledge about that so actually do your knowledge is your product but you can only sell it when you write about it when you really write in your own words unique different and very very original from you. 

 The total option is another creative idea that how I go for it and I go to and I start typing a single word it gives me a sentence actually this sentence give me an idea that this is a good way to make a website about this topic which is trending now it is and people are already searching and searching done so why are unique article do some research watch videos and read more so you know more about it and make some 10 to 12 categories of headings in every category with might have like 56 different articles so unless you have like 40 to 50 articles and that said every article is written by you it’s very unique and different. 

There are a lot of benefits of being unique and original.

But the best and the top benefit above all is that you will get your AdSense account approved. You don’t need to spend money on driving traffic to our website because you are already on the top of the search engine results so you don’t need to waste money and spend money on driving traffic to our website. You get organic traffic from search engines and you will be on the top of the research because your content is unique and different and you own it. 

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