Best AdSense practices: Highly  recommended


Best AdSense practices worries in different categories.

  1. Keep your website updated and always add new topics which are trending on the Internet or the users are searching for it.
  2. Always write a very unique and niche articles and keep the articles engaging so let the user keep reading it and let them spend more time on your articles and let the relevant add show to them.
  3. Add size and specs are very important, think mobile and think desktop and try to use 336 x 250 or auto responsive ads for mobile and use 300 x 600 ad for Desktop. 
  4. Share or articles and websites two different social media channels.
  5. Don’t click on your aids by yourself or never ask anyone to click your ads. 
  6. Connect your audience and be consistent with your articles and information on your website and remember keep the content engaging and forever Green. 
  7. Do not drive invalid traffic or never violate Google AdSense policy. 

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