What Is Universal Conversion Logic?


What Is Universal Conversion Logic?

Most conversion consultants (and business owners figuring it out for themselves) limit themselves to using what they’ve read are best practices at first. These are the tips and tools you can find online or in books that tell you things like when to use one color over another color, how many columns to have, or how much white space should be on a page. They’re all the techniques people think generally work to lift conversions.

The place I want you to start is called Universal Conversion Logic (UCL). This is the psychology behind what makes a red button work on some websites and a green button work on other websites. UCL is why on English-language websites, you may want things to flow left to right, but on Hebrew or Arabic sites, you may consider flowing right to left, for example. Logic suggests people will tend to consume information in the direction they are used to reading.

The problem with taking best practices at face value is every site is unique. What worked great for one company might fail miserably for yours. If you don’t understand the logic behind the best practice, you won’t know why it failed (and you won’t know how to fix it). When working with CRO, most people just stop at the best practices.

They don’t take into account user context or funnel design. But I’m betting you’re smarter than that, so let’s look at these other two pieces of the conversion puzzle.

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